“The part can never be well unless the whole is well” -Plato

So many of us reach the point where we are giving up on being healthy. Another new years resolution come and gone, another trip to the doctor to hear bad news, another pants size up. There’s literally a billion different takes on what being fit, healthy, and active mean. There’s so many trends out there and so many different schools of thought, that people everywhere are throwing their hands up and saying, “I GIVE UP” on feeling my best, because I don’t know how and I’ll never know how, and this is just the way that nature made me to feel.

I don’t blame anyone for feeling that way. The world and our current lifestyles within modern society are completely working against us feeling our best. Everything in our environment is fighting us on this, so don’t beat yourself up. It’s time to rethink things. I’m asking you to give it one more shot!

My philosophy is that since every human is unique, your own personal wellness and how to reach it is also unique and should be viewed this way. So, that fad diet has worked for Jane and 1000 other Janes, but it isn’t working for you. So, that new pill worked for John and 1000 other Johns, but you’ve had nothing but side effects. We’re all made up of the same “stuff”, but amazingly, we are still incredibly unique as individuals. Our systems are unique, our brains, our personalities, our blood types, and the list goes on. Why then I ask does every diet, therapy, and pill out there act as if all people are alike? IT’S JUST CRAZY!

All of this being said, I do still believe there’s a basic “framework” that humans operate from. When we don’t feel good, we do things to try and make ourselves feel better. This is an evolutionary fact. This fact has been confirmed by every client I have ever worked with. Sometimes these behaviors are healthy, and sometimes they aren’t. This leads to all sorts of scenarios. Moreover, each human carries both an emotional and physical presence. This cannot be debated.

So yes, I’m a walking contradiction. Everyone is unique, yet our basic framework is the same. Now is about the time you might be asking yourself wtf I’m talking about.

Here is it: Being that biologically we are all different, but we have a similar framework emotionally and physically, a basic benchmark upon which to view your own wellness would be exploring how you feel emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Again, how YOU’RE feeling. Not how that lady on Dr. Oz feels. Or your dad, or your friend Suzy. What makes you feel that way? When did you start to feel how you’re feeling now? Do you feel differently when you do things differently? What are your thoughts like throughout the day? How do those thoughts effect you physically and behaviorally?

Hopefully, everyone sees where I’m going with this. I believe personal wellness rests upon the joining of our emotional, physical, and spiritual needs, making us WHOLE people, instead of people who are “eating better”, but are miserable and broken inside. Or people that are “happy go lucky” but plagued with never ending health problems or addictions. Everything in life is an infinite circle. This is a platform to talk about yours.


About my practice:

Whole Wellness Services is a private practice in Pittsford, NY providing holistic therapy and coaching to individuals, couples, and families, with a strong emphasis on examining all aspects of the client’s life and health to better assist them with presenting issues. I believe strongly that treating only symptoms of a greater problem can be a fatal error in the therapeutic process and can lead one to experience only temporary relief. If one area of a client’s life is out of balance, it is likely other areas are also suffering and in need of changes. We are here to walk with you and guide you through this process with positivity and empathy.

Specializing in: Mental health concerns, Weight and health management, Family health/relationships, Food addiction

Individual, family, group, and virtual sessions available.

Inquiries and referrals:



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