“It’s Friday, Friday, Gotta get down on Friday!…????”

HAPPY FRIDAY. So I was thinking about what Friday represents for me as compared to a lot of other people in America, as well as the true meaning of the terrible Rebecca Black tune.  A lot of people talk about Friday being their favorite day of the week because it means they don’t have to report to their jobs the next day. This is of course assuming you work a week day only job. For some of you this might be Sunday, or Wednesday, whatever. “TGIF Y’ALL!!!!”, “OMG SO HAPPY THIS WEEK IS OVER”, “ONLY 3 MORE HOURS UNTIL I’M FREE…”

Sound familiar?

For so many people who have worked tirelessly, accrued thousands upon thousands of dollar of debt, and ran the rat race for so long just to find a job, or a “career,” doesn’t it seem mute that when we finally “arrive” at our chosen destination, we just can’t wait for the weekend? Day after day, week after week, this is how our lives are passing us by. And knowing full well that we are “working for the weekend,” we allow this to continue.

Now for the golden question: WTF ARE WE THINKING?

I ask my clients this a lot, in a nicer way. :0)

The responses I get range from “I can’t afford to make a change” to “I have bills to pay” to “I spent the last ten years trying to get this job, I will have wasted so much time…” etc. etc. etc.

OK, yes, I know. We are all strapped for cash and time and we’re all burned out and running on Mcdonald’s dollar coffee. But I ask again, is that how you want to spend your precious time on this earth? The one life you have to live? Do you really only want to be happy 2 out of 7 days of your week? That’s right, you’re happy 28% of the time. No bueno guys, no bueno. And I challenge those responses whole heartedly. Yes, you spent time getting your current job. Cool. You hate it. If you’re worried about wasted time, you should focus on the next 30 years you will waste being in a place you hate all day, every day. Now that is wasted time.

And what does this do to our health? To our souls? It’s written on our tired, lined faces. It’s sewn into us. It becomes our state of mind. A state of dissatisfaction and a lack of meaning. Meaning is what makes us healthy.

Then there’s finances. I get it. They run the world. But clearly, the money you’re making at that job you hate isn’t making you happier…correct? We have to remember that we live in America, though. That’s right. ‘Merica. Being that we live here, we have certain priviledge. Privilege is like a whole other convo that I’m not going to get into right now, but anyway. It’s really really hard to die from non-accidental sources in America. It’s really tough to die of literal STARVATION. To go hungry and be cold and die alone in America, it almost takes work.

I work with people daily who have terrible drug habits and who have thrown their lives away. Every facet of their lives. They have no home, no credit, no one to call a friend in the world. They’re ridden with health issues caused by their use, sometimes fatal. They manage to rebuild. And some of them not only rebuild, they make their life long dreams come true. Most of you reading this probably aren’t heroin addicts. That’s why I have even more faith that at the end of the day, even if you walked out of that job you hate and never looked back, you will be O.K.

Yes, tomorrow, you’ll still be alive. You’ll be breathing the fresh morning air as you open your eyes in your bed in this country that will help you to your feet if you should fall. And that’s why on this Friday afternoon, wherever you are in America, I challenge you to think about what this weekend means to you. Does this weekend mean happiness and freedom? Or does every day mean happiness and freedom? Even if you decide not to make a change at this very moment, it’s extremely powerful just to know that you COULD, and you would be O.K.

I hope that for each of you today.


3 thoughts on ““It’s Friday, Friday, Gotta get down on Friday!…????”

  1. Gah! I’m only 19, yet I feel like I’ve already accepted I’ll probably be in a job I won’t “love”. I’m currently doing a mundane internship (wasting away basically my whole summer)….and I hate knowing that this might be how I do life for a while. I know I can change my path and blah blah, but UGH MONEY CONTROLS EVERYTHING

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  2. But regardless, great inspirational post! I’ve been in a bit of a depression because of the crappy weather. I’m determined to wake up early tomorrow & exercise & not waste a single moment 🙂 Thanks!!

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  3. You’re far too young to accept anything that you don’t want to be your reality! You can do literally anything you want, the world is your oyster:-) I would also argue that YOU control everything in your life, as money is simply a societal construct that we choose to place personal value on. It’s up to you how much value is placed on money, and how much is placed on happiness!


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